Sept. 2019 | Schmiedetreffen


Die litauischen Schmiede Rytis Navasaitis und Paulius Navickas treffen auf den lokalen Schmied Dietrich Weber.

  • In der ersten Septemberhälfte werden sie öffentliche Schmiedeaktionen in Duisburg, Moers und Neukirchen-Vluyn machen.
    Die genauen Termine werden in Kürze bekanntgegeben.

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Rytis Navasaitis

Metal is extremely mysterious and unpredictable. Sometimes it is soft and flexifle like plasticine, sometimes hard and unbendable. Rytis Navasaitis believes that it depends on blacksmiths mood and state of mind.

Artist claims that individual blacksmiths style is being developed through entire life and changes at different periods of time.

Rytis admits that he does not like strict canons of classical smithery. He enjoys forging oval forms, motives of flora and fauna.

Smithery to Rytis is a way of life and source of living. Sometimes it requires more creativity, sometimes more skills. And this variety makes smithery more irterestig.


 Paulius Navickas
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Nature fascinates its disorderble beauty. Probably that is why 32 year old Lithuanian artist Paulius Navickas chose it as his main artistic theme.

Artist reinterpretes traditional blacksmith art to take you into a mysterious, exciting and extremely delicate natural world around us. His works attracts by unusually interpreted wildlife forms.

Artist feels the space, which becomes a part of his creations. He uses curved lines, natural forms, refusing straight lines and sharp edges.

Works by Paulius Navickas are not only aesthetically appealing pieces of metal art. The author also pays much attention to the functional characteristics. However common household items becomes expressive and artistic objects in Paulius Navickas imagination.


 Dietrich Weber | Kunstschmied
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In seiner Werkstatt entstehen neben Kunsthandwerk und freien Objekten individuell gestaltete Produkte für Haus und Garten.

Bevorzugte Materialien sind Stahl und andere Metalle, teilweise auch in Kombination mit Glas, Stein oder Holz.


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